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  • The Anti GOAT posted 1476 days ago

    The Anti GOAT

    Not as P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C as you are you B00B.

  • The GOAT X4 posted 1516 days ago

    The GOAT X4

    F'ck The Rock.

    I've been a fan of that jabroni for a very long time. He is my favourite wrestler of all time, the reason I got addicted to wrestling especially when I was a mini GOAT but enough is enough. fck that jabroni.

    if that piece of trash doesn't show up at the big WMXXX event, I will no longer be a fan of his.

    Ever since he said he'll be WWE Champion again, all of us Rock fans were excited but let's be honest here, that was the most dissapointing thing EVER.

    He didn't have that GREAT match nor a GREAT promo, he had some good promos like the one with Cena and the legends and the one on old school raw, he also had some entertaining promos like the rock concert and the one with Rhodes Scholars but the rest was complete BS!!

    Saying "cookiepuss" and telling crackhead stories wtf?? at some point, I started changing the channel when he appears and that's saying a lot, because in the 2nd half of 2012, all I was waiting for was the return of the rock.

    His last run was more than disapointing. His matches with punk and cena were ok but nothing special.
    I wanted to see him wrestle inside the elimination chamber but that didn't happen.

    I wanted to see him wrestle on RAW but that didn't happen either.

    His last run was to only put over Cena and nothing more. Everything about his last run felt rushed, it was like "let's get over with this". Rock didn't give 100% in his last run, hell he didn't give 70%, his last run was terrible.

    First he said he is never leaving again, by that he meant, he'll come every year in wrestlemania season and that's ok, if he doesn't want to come to live events, it's ok, if he doesn't want to come to every smackdown it's ok, if he doesn't want to come to every raw, it's ok, he can still come every year around wrestlemania season but when you're fuckinn showing up a couple of times every year at least do something, he doesn't give a shhit about his fans anymore, all he is doing is improvising in his promos and stuff, he's like "we'll tell those idiotic wrestling fans a crackhead story and say some penis and poop jokes and they'll laugh it up".

    F;ck The Rock. seriously what happened? he used to be gold on the mic and good in the ring, now he's average in both. he can still tell a good story in the ring but now he can barely move, he's too slow.

    what happened to him? now he's just a big fat steroided piece of garbage. his skin color is now weird as well, he looks yellow and he doesn't even have a neck because of all the steroids. steroids increases chances of getting injured, now apparently he left because of injuries. well f-ck him, he should be responsable for his actions, you're going to take steroids well you're going to get injured, but that's not what he's doing, he wants to take steroids but doesn't want to wrestle to not get injured so basically his fans are the one who are taking responsability for his $#itty actions.

    f_ck that b-tch rocky.

    I'm sick of defending that jobber from his haters, either he comes back and right the wrong that he did, to fix the huge mistake that he did and that's his pathetic 2013 run, either he comes back for WMXXX or I won't be a fan of that b@stard anymore

  • The GOAT X4 posted 1524 days ago

    The GOAT X4


  • Alfredo Ouellet posted 1525 days ago

    Alfredo  Ouellet

    aRE YOU THE goat 12??

  • bruce wayne posted 1526 days ago

    bruce wayne

    you are right man i like rock too

  • bruce wayne posted 1526 days ago

    bruce wayne

    i agree with u man ... i like rock too .. i am on your side

  • Bryan Sucks posted 1526 days ago

    Bryan Sucks

    About section- "Will not die before meeting The Rock".
    Says The Rock sucks and 'Douche Baggie Yes man' DB beats him at WM.
    You are a Hypocrite ! And clearly describes what an IWC guy means.

  • bruce wayne posted 1526 days ago

    bruce wayne

    i hate rock

  • Karan posted 1527 days ago


    Hmmm.... Yup 1K comments!! Very Excited!!!

  • Karan posted 1527 days ago


    And don't write shit about me in other people's board, if u wanna say something, SAY IT TO MY FACE!!! I would never kill the rock with a chainsaw, idiot....