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  • DG Skilla posted 1453 days ago

    DG Skilla

    Very disappointed? Where are you?

  • DG Skilla posted 1536 days ago

    DG Skilla

    Just got done watching your vid, ep 1.

    Unbelievable, even your dog was looking at you like '' dude, WTF are you doing?''
    LOL XD. Just when I thought I was too old school... you have throwback videos,
    ( most unusual matches ever, VHS????? You got it too? ) PPVs, original WWF
    action figures ( Vader banging Bret? NO!!! ) Roddy Piper's THEY LIVE??? A
    wrestling wrap up mag? I haven't seen one of them in many, many, many, many
    years. I knew the episode would be fun after see all of that. And Starrcade 99...
    GOOD LAWD, HELP US. The event was already killed before we even got to
    Vam-queer-o vs Oklahoma. Jesus, during the vid, I was asking myself the same
    question, WHY DID I RECORD WCW STARRCADE 99? I must have been a
    clueless fanatic back then. Thank goodness, common sense prevailed... well,
    for me ( us ). Seriously, who thought booking Nash/Sid ( horrible workers ) was
    genius? Honestly, does it matter if Jarrett hit Sid with the guitar or not? It's a
    stipulated powerbomb match. Is there any rules???????? I doubt it. Nash was so
    damn lazy to even slam Sid, he scripted the match, his way ( in ridiculous,
    intelligent insulting fashion ). Incredible vid, welcome to B/R. You got earned a
    fan. The fact that you fanned me first... is an honor, Wrestleman 78. LOL XD.

  • Edward Morris posted 1539 days ago

    Edward  Morris

    Cool, Thanks dude!!

  • ACCOUNT CLOSED. posted 1539 days ago


    Cool video,Thanks for sharing.

  • Black Widow posted 1539 days ago

    Black  Widow

    Thanks for the fan add. Appreciate it!

    P/S; I'll check out the video that you give me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1539 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Thank you hun

  • Mrs Black posted 1539 days ago

    Mrs Black

    Thanks for the add and I will check out the link first chance I get:)

  • Edward Morris posted 1539 days ago

    Edward  Morris

    Thanks for the add dude!

    BTW what's your web series about? Only asking because i don't have Internet atm.

  • That was pretty freaking legit dude lol keep it up

  • I GOT BANNED posted 1540 days ago


    That was freakin awesome. "The ref takes his words for it!"