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College scholership tennis player with brother back in the day. Went onto carreer in sports promoiton, mainly in boxing. Worked with many of the greats. Now retired, still play tennis in local tournies, and watch my grandson- ranked #1 in state in under 10's. He can beat me.......

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  • Andy Murray posted 2345 days ago

    Andy Murray

    i was just trying to fight you back by replying when i thought 'why the hell am i doing this' and what will i get by doing this'? firstly you are nameless. you hide yourself behind nadal. this means am fighting an unknown person. stupid, no? its easy to write bullshit behind your pc screen. have you got any courage in real life? i seriously doubt it. moreover, when u come back 3 times in a row from being banned, this clearly shows you have got no social life. furthermore, does your allegations, accusations or hate comments against nadal help at all? whatever you do, nadal will never get stripped of his titles. he has 40million prize money and is enjoying. your comments do not affect him at all. so why should they affect me? i prefer watching nadal's matches and cheering him on than coming here to fight any stupid fan. i am happy when nadal wins and why should i spoil my happiness by seeing your comments? so i depart from here. spend your whole life here in trying to get vj, ruffin or other nadal fans banned while i really enjoy life. i hope on your deathbed you will say 'my greatest achievement in my life was to get ruffin(or hadad or vj) banned from bleacher report.' bloody loser! lol

  • Cal 23 posted 2345 days ago

    Cal 23

    Hey Peter, no problem, I like a debate as much as the next person. You're right though, too many people focus on the player they like and, for some reason, can't see beyond that.

    I once said to a Federer fan that they should be happy that players like Rafa, Nole and Murray are around because it pushes Roger to be a better player - wow, he didn't like that statement one bit and let me know it. I think it's true though, with any sport (and probably most things in life) you get better when you have to and Roger, Rafa, Nole and Murray (for example) all make each other better. I'm sure they're happy to have the competition too :)

    See ya.

  • Cal 23 posted 2345 days ago

    Cal 23

    Hi Peter, thought I'd follow suit and leave this on your page :)

    Thank you for your response, you bring up many good points.

    As an Aussie, I am very proud of our tennis history all the way back to Roswell & Laver through to Newcombe & Roche and the Woodies, of course (I'll leave it there because Hewitt although was a good player, not my favourite personality!)

    My take on the whole GOAT thing is that it is irrelevant and one of those arguments which will be debated endlessly. As a Rafa fan I have a great deal of respect for Roger. He revitalised the sport and players like Nole and Rafa have been able to run with it.

    In any event, rather than speaking in terms of greatest of all time, we should be talking about all time greats of which Laver, Sampras and Federer are certainly on the list.

    For now, I'll just continue to enjoy tennis, hope Rafa wins against Nole soon and look forward to the new breed of players...... :)

  • Novak Djokovic posted 2348 days ago

    Novak Djokovic

    Got you banned! haha :)

  • S R posted 2348 days ago

    S R

    LOL. I see VJ chooses to "stick to good spirits" when it suits her. YOu know what she does when it doesn't suit her? Yup, she deleted my posts, twice. Not only has she gotten Rafa banned again, she's preventing me from posting on her blog while making libelous statement about me emailing Leivenberg. It's perfectly fine to contact management when they themselves encourage feedbacks and even thank users like me for willing to talk to them re outstanding issue!

    I did everything in the open bc I posted my action in detail on her last article. She must have seen it and still implies that I go behind the scene? Where is this woman's head???

    Meantime, I'm not banned but I cannot defend myself in the face of VJ's misinformation against me bc she keeps deleting my comments, rather than standing up to address my actions in the open. Ha, ha, is that good spirits of a loser? So I’m forced to post the following re the GOAT article, with your name in it. (VJ keepts lying that she cannot delete others’ comments. This proves that she obviously can.)

    “I wish to thank the following users for standing up in support of Roger Federer:

    Uschi Tennisfan, roger GOAT, Annabelle F, LeyDefigs, Satish Iyer, sulaiman ijaz, Serbjoker Demet, Peter Dreach, roger that-16, Pawan K, Bogart Fluteweek, tenniselbow, Devil in a New Dress, Tom Derringer, Stephen Wright, GruntnDelayer Interupter, JM Martin.

    Wow, 15, 17, 25 (and counting) “likes” for the best pro-Fed comments. Phenomenal. Thank you all so much for turning a potential Fed-bashing session into a huge celebration of the Swiss maestro.”

  • Novak Djokovic posted 2348 days ago

    Novak Djokovic

    you claim you don't have any control over him. ok fine. but why do you encourage him?
    and am not a loser. am just wasting my time here because i have 3 mths holiday from uni and i am bored. in 3 mths u won't find me wasting time here. unlike you who spend his whole life in trying to ban ruffin or v jay. LOL

  • Novak Djokovic posted 2349 days ago

    Novak Djokovic

    you want to get rid of us? cool..we'll be glad to do so. but you should also get rid of rafa nadal! understand? it works like that. vanish that guy from the blog and we'll do the same!

  • Rafa Nadal posted 2349 days ago

    Rafa Nadal

    Can we not send private messages anymore?
    Do you know my email address? If not so you know of a way that I Can send it to you?

  • Rafa Nadal posted 2349 days ago

    Rafa Nadal

    Thanks for letting me know Peter,I really appreciate it
    She's been trying to get me banned for ages now,it's really hilarious,I will just kee coming back

  • S R posted 2349 days ago

    S R

    On further reflection, we don't need to air our grievances via email. We're not criminals and I'm not bothered or intimated by these spammers. Small potatoes. For all I care they could be gorillas out on a field day, incapable of even stringing a proper sentence together with more than 5 words. LOL. These small flies welcomed to watch how we're going to restore justice and dignity to BR by banishing phonies like VJ & Ruffin.

    Ok, the first thing I'm going to give you is the contact details of the person you should write to re any BR issue you have. He is Will Leivenberg, BR Community Coordinator at A really nice guy. Below is his reply to my complaint about VJ:

    "Thank you for contacting us and for expressing your concern about this issue so candidly. We can assure you that the user Vee Jay has been reprimanded, the comments in question deleted, and that the issue as a whole will dissipate very soon.

    We appreciate your willingness to approach the B/R Staff with this issue. We are committed to working with members like yourself on improving the B/R Community and overall experience on B/R. If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us."

    See, I'm sure Mr. Leivenberg can do something if you want to rid the spammers from your profile. Let me know how it goes and good luck.