Timothy Rupert

Timothy Rupert


Life long UGA fan and I like SEC football for the competition. Casual Atlanta Braves fan.

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  • jgb skylar posted 2215 days ago

    jgb skylar

    lsu will blow the doors of the bulldogs, the blackout seemed to help, try that. may have not been your article but did you say bama doesnt deserve to play lsu for title. georgia isnt premier in there own state. at least 3 teams oit of the west would smoke yall. have fun at the ass beating in atl

  • Bronco Bill posted 2291 days ago

    Bronco Bill

    Hey Tim Tim....... Not much I can say... you saw the game, Boise dominated both lines and pretty much every article I read said the same thing, the 35-21 score wasn't as close as it really was. I hope you ignorant dawg fans have learned some respect and humility with this game. Like I said, you dawg fans are worse than VT and Oregon but at least they had something to talk about. Maybe you and the rest of your ignorant fan base will settle down and see Boise for what it is and your team and the SEC for what it is after this weekend. I called it, Boise will beat the pups and beat a good SEC team in a BCS bowl. Learn some humility, learn to respect, and hey, good luck to the dawgs the rest of the season. hehe!

  • Will Stewart posted 2293 days ago

    Will Stewart

    How did Lance and Phillip become your friend. I was trying to figure out how to do that

  • Andrew Hall posted 2398 days ago

    Andrew Hall

    Go Dawgs! Can't wait for the season opener

  • David Mitchell posted 2732 days ago

    David Mitchell

    I've tried replying this to your comment on my column but it isn't working...but here's what I wrote:

    All you have to do is take a look at my page Timothy. Here are a list of positive--if not a little balanced--columns I've written about Georgia:

    A balanced look at the players I think need to perform in 2010 for Georgia to be successful:


    A balanced but generally positive look at new addition Jarvis Jones:


    A look at the characteristics that make A.J. Green the best WR in the country:


    A balanced, but generally positive look at why Georgia may be able to turn the page against Florida:


    A look at a number of sports that have been very successful at UGA:


    Being a good fan of a team doesn't mean that you can never disagree with anything it does. I call it like I see it. I have been perhaps even more positive than I have been negative. You have just chosen to read the articles that you disagree with. Listen, things aren't all puppies and roses up in Athens, Ga. and pretending like they are doesn't make the problems go away. Any football fan can see how an 8-5 season signals trouble for a team that is expected to annually be one of the best in the conference and country.

    I have been attending UGA for four--going on four and a half years before I graduate in December--and I have been to virtually every home game as well as the majority of road games from Baton Rouge to Fayetteville to Columbia to Knoxville to Jacksonville to Tuscaloosa and screamed myself hoarse at every stadium. I sat through all four quarters of both blowout losses to Florida and ran up and down the aisles hugging people I didn't know in overtime win over Alabama. But I am spending my money at the university to be an objective writer first and foremost and I'm not going to waste my money to spit propaganda for the program.

    If occasionally being critical of them makes me a bad fan to you, so be it. But I think we have very different characteristics of what a good fan is...

  • Zach Phillips posted 2761 days ago

    Zach Phillips

    Ole Miss? USC beat Auburn 23-0 in 2003, and also beat them in 2002. Auburn didn't get screwed by anyone.