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  • Alec Baldwin posted 1902 days ago

    Alec Baldwin

    Sorry for getting back to you late, been a bit busy. I'm writing this here to make DAMN sure you see it.

    You admit to not reading either article, and yet you felt the need to comment, basically trashing me in the process. Perhaps you should actually READ before trying to act like you know everything.

    If you READ (Something you aren't fond of apparently) at the actual language used and points brought up in MY article, then look back at HIS article, they are nearly identical, it's actually spooky how close they are.

    P.S- I'm not mad about his picks being similar to mine. A writer on WrestleEnigma stated that he had similar picks for the tournement. I wasn't mad.

    P.S.S- You contradict yourself many times in that comment. First you say he was just ranking, not predicting, then you say his predictions go for the whole tournament. What the what?