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If there is a SportsCenter Generation, I would consider myself very much a part of that. Starting in junior high, I would wake up at 5 AM every day before school so I could watch an hour of sports highlights and nothing else (sadly, this has gone the way of the buffalo). I remember recounting lines by Stu Scott and Rich Eisen with my classmates in high school. I remember Dan Patrick before he went to the dark side of Fox Sports radio. I even remember Keith Olberman before he went political.

I was never terribly good at sports, with the exception of Track, where I won a few races before pulling an Ovechkin in the postseason. I did dunk on a regulation basketball rim at the age of 13 (at my current height of 6'2"), but never after. I loved college football going into my freshman year at Virginia Tech, but became somewhat disillusioned when Michael Vick left for the NFL that summer. We know how that turned out.

I've always been interested in writing, but never particularly found that I had anything more than the casual fan's expertise level. I have since realized that many sportswriters are the same, writing from a place of passion without actually have played or participated at a high level. At this point, I am endevoring to find my voice as a sports writer. I hope to bring an interesting take to things, as I tend to view many of sports headlines from a sociopolitical angle, rather than the basic overreaction and simplified analysis you'll find on TV.

This blog will be part of an ongoing effort on my part to find that voice. Any feedback and (intelligent) criticism is and will be appreciated.

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  • Earl Trent posted 2634 days ago

    Earl  Trent

    Dude how did you leave Al Clark off of the QB list. It all started with Al Clark beating Alabama in the first music city bowl!!!!

  • Homer Simpson posted 2639 days ago

    Homer Simpson

    Just thought you might like to read this article on American's & soccer:


  • Stan walker posted 2687 days ago

    Stan walker

    Thank you, Ben, for the LeBron article. I've been waiting for someone with a sound mind to speak on this. LeBron did nothing wrong. If he had done the TV special and chosen Cleveland, would the world of sports have caused such a fuss?

  • James Williamson posted 2688 days ago

    James Williamson

    This is more than basketball, this is about sports in general. I politely ask for your attention here for a few minutes.

  • Mike D posted 2699 days ago

    Mike D

    Well done man - I'm big on humor - it's nice to see a B/R featured article that doesn't have statistical analysis on Baskett's YAC...

    Even though you left out Craig Kilborne on your ESPN nostalgia, the article alone is worthy of a fan-add

  • James Williamson posted 2719 days ago

    James Williamson

    Has Terrell Owens career in the NFL come to an end?

  • Jam posted 2739 days ago


    Welcome to the EPL, Ben. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself at the Arsenal community. Looking forward to reading your comments. :)