Benjie Klein

Benjie Klein


Benjie Klein is a University of Wisconsin graduate with an M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications. After graduating from Michigan State University in 2006 with a BA in Communications, Benjie worked in sports and traveled the world. He has a deep-rooted interest in the Detroit Lions, Michigan State Spartans, spicy foods, and the world around him. Follow him on twitter @swittlemonkey.

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  • Andrew Wilshire posted 2715 days ago

    Andrew Wilshire

    Benjie - how many Jets games did you see. Talk about writing dribble. Stats lie? - The quality of Sanchez performance in the post season, his QB rating has never been seen by a Rookie ever - poor season??
    No 1 defense - team is better in 4 positions, Cromartie two yrs ago was pro bowl, 10 interceptions and suited for for press coverage. He will return to the pro bowl playing in this scheme for a giant payday and redemption. #1 Rushing team - LT was banged up all last year behind a pitiful line. Now he moves behind a top 5 line, coached by Callahan - you say not so good Oline - get real bozo.

    There are too may knucklehead sports writers trying to be 1) controversial too get coverage and 2) cover too many teams that they cannot possibly know enough to make intelligent statements. Go back to traveling the world. Next you will be writing about Australian rules Football. jets do have a tougher schedule but should get to 12-4.

  • Danny Chilton posted 2716 days ago

    Danny Chilton

    Benjie, you did a great disservice to Tyler Sanborn (LA Lakers) by saying no photographs were available. A quick google search yielded at least 50. Try his college's website under basketball roster or the Greensboro News & Record, which overed him extensively. The awards ceremony at NABC where he won POY was also covered. We realize he's a longshot, but please don't let your lack of research and understanding of DIII be a factor. Otherwise, thanks for what you do report. Danny

  • Paul Renico posted 2717 days ago

    Paul Renico

    Benjie - Can't find a pic of Tyler Sanborn? You're lazy. Ever heard of Google images? Its loaded with pics of Tyler Sanborn.