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  • atlanta da kingzz posted 839 days ago

    atlanta da kingzz

    aints r trash HAHAHAA fool

  • AJ Singh posted 1449 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    What did you think of the SB man? U already know im happy as hell hahaha

  • AJ Singh posted 1453 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    Lol dude you were posting to my glitched account. Im on a new one right now

  • Mr Avon posted 1471 days ago

    Mr Avon

    Outta the PLAYOFFS AINTS

  • AJ Singh posted 1503 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    My other count has been perma-banned (guess I was kicking too much niner ass :D).. GG to you too man and we'll probably see yall in the playoffs...

  • We Da Team posted 1505 days ago

    We Da Team

    Oh and hopping on the holes bandwagon now? Huh, typical. Miami would slaughter them kittens ass

  • We Da Team posted 1505 days ago

    We Da Team

    Yeah and auburn was still getting used to the offense dumbass. You lost to ole miss and Georgia Lol. Lsu is a joke and will always be one. Pelicans suck. Aints suck. Lsu sux. Cardinals sux. Jahahahahahhaha

  • We Da Team posted 1509 days ago

    We Da Team

    Aints suck. Seahawks put a truckload of shit on those pieces of trash and showed them theyre nothing but a pussy softass team. Miami would kick LSU tiger balls lol

  • Taylor Allderdice posted 1561 days ago

    Taylor Allderdice

    Seahawks r gonna beat up ur dumb saints!!

  • AJ Singh posted 1562 days ago

    AJ Singh

    "Drew Brees will torch your strong defense" AHAHAHA okay but I'll tell you right now that that's easier said than done and by saying that, you're setting yourself up to make yourself look like a dumbass.

    Jimmy Graham is a beast, but Talib held him catchless today. He's not invincible, so stop acting like he is idiot...

    Wilson played that game missing 4 starters on the O-line and STILL kept it close. By the way, we'll most likely have Harvin for the game so you best be ready.

    "Lynch won't have another fluke TD" Uhhh he's actually gotten better since that epic run, there's a reason why he's a top 3 running back right now. Your defense can't handle him, Wilson, AND Harvin. You lost to a Tom Brady playing without Gronk and Amendola(cheap-shot on him) and throwing to 2 rookie WR's. What makes you think you'll "destroy" us.. Fucking idiot you make real Saints fans look bad.