Ben Hebert

Ben Hebert


A lot of things in life are unnatural. The internet isn't natural. Your computer isn't natural. Fighting is. Every single living being on this earth fights from animals in the wild to little children yelling at one another. I think this is why I find mixed martial arts so compelling. Not only do you have the world's most well conditioned physical athletes but they must be mentally tough as well.

You know my first day of training I realized that I was never going to be the next axe murderer, a prodigy, or even a Mr. International, but mixed martial arts became a part of me. I follow the sport religiously always supporting the individual fighters rather than the various organizations although I do favor some more then others.

I am not some geek empowered by my keyboard bashing on various fighters, organizations, or the controversies of Dana White.

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  • Flyin' Hawaiian posted 3058 days ago

    Flyin' Hawaiian

    You need to go read my latest article, pronto. It was basically written about you. Pay special attention to #5 and #1.

  • Dorothy Willis posted 3443 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Your bio shows that you have real writing talent.Can't wait to read your first article. And thanks for your comment.