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  • Mark Jones posted 2739 days ago

    Mark Jones


    I edited this article almost immedately after it was published and apparently canceled it out from the editor queue. Could you give it a glance-over?


  • Benjie Klein posted 2739 days ago

    Benjie Klein

    Thanks, appreciate the edits and feedback!

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2740 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Thanks for the edit.

  • Jeb Williamson posted 2740 days ago

    Jeb Williamson

    Thanks, Marissa, for the edits. I do appreciate your help cleaning up what was a hastily written piece. Thanks very much. Hope things are well.

  • Mycroft Holmes posted 2742 days ago

    Mycroft Holmes

    Thanks for the edit, Marissa. Your work is much appreciated.

    This has come up before with American editors, but it's not strictly ungrammatical to refer to a team as a collective noun ("Arsenal are..."). It's just a matter of convention.

    So while I'm used to saying "New England is," "Boston is," etc., when writing about soccer I try to follow the British convention. I think a lot of foreign languages, actually, refer to teams like that. Spanish and Hebrew, for instance.

    Otherwise, no gripes from me. Thanks again.

  • Saura Bhattacharjee posted 2743 days ago

    Saura Bhattacharjee

    Thanks for your edits Marissa. But gave the complete headline Suarez stars in Hand of God Part 2. Don't know what happened to that.

  • Daniel McGowin posted 2752 days ago

    Daniel McGowin


    thanks for the edits and the comments. i am not sure what happened with the stats; i made the same mistake on the original article (on my own site). in fact, Kobe Bryant's TOs/game is incorrect as well. thanks for catching that!


  • Asher Chancey posted 2752 days ago

    Asher Chancey

    Thanks for the great edit and comments.

  • Stew Flats posted 2753 days ago

    Stew Flats

    Thank you for edits and kind feedback

  • Ryan McNish posted 2756 days ago

    Ryan McNish

    Ah, Marissa. We meet again. Always a pleasure. Thank you!