I have been a fan of the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox since the early 70's. I have seen heartach (Red Sox losing to the Mets and the Patriots losing out on a perfect season) and triumphs (Red Sox winning a World Series: Patriots beating the Rams). I saw Darrell Stingley have his career ended: watched as a "Nation" drove Billy Buckner out of Dodge.

I love to fish and hunt. As you can see by my pic, deer hunting is a real passion for me. But any kind of hunting and fishing will do: I have been doing both for better then 35 years now.

I was introduced to wrestling at a very early age as well: went to Boston Garden to see many shows. Started really following it in 1976: that was the year I shook Andre the Giants pinkie. He posed for a picture with me, and then I got a picture with Dom DuNucci and Tony Garea. While my watching it has waxed and waned from time to time, I love the sport. Sometime in the near future, I will begin to write articles on here about the history I have seen. I witnessed Chief Jay Strongbow wrestle Ken Patera right after Patera broke Jules neck with the swinging full nelson: I have seen Ox Baker deliver a heart punch that made a man fold up like a used piece of newspaper. Watched Snuka fly around the ring. The Moondogs use their bones for more then gnawing on. I have also seen some misses that made me shudder: when Quick Draw Rick McGraw had his neck broken on a belly to back suplex. HHH having his leg twist so badly that I thought it would come off. Stone Cold deliver a stunner to a jobber that broke the guys jaw. Yokozuna landing on the side of the ribcage when the guy was moving. Funny stuff as well: Piper interviewing Norman Smiley on Pipers Pit. Captian Lou and Cindy Lauper dancing in the ring. The list goes on and on.

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