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David Pick is a veteran pro basketball reporter covering overseas hoops and American players abroad since 2010. His work can also be found at Basketball Insiders. Follow him on Twitter at @IAmDPick.

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  • Fatih Koymen posted 577 days ago

    Fatih Koymen

    hello David

    i want to talk about turkish teams and americans in Turkey

    please write to me


  • Jon Orbach posted 857 days ago

    Jon Orbach

    Interesting. Everything online seems to suggest otherwise, but deferring to the people themselves seems to make more sense (obviously). Thanks for letting me know, David. Very solid work again.

  • Jon Orbach posted 874 days ago

    Jon Orbach

    David, I appreciate your thorough review of my edits and feedback.

    "When you're talking about a team and using its city name, make sure to use singular pronouns when referring to it. Ex: "San Antonio has taken a calculated risk on a proven international talent with a freakish frame, and have..." -- not following here, can you please explain?"

    Of course. Basically, if you're talking about a team, you can either refer to it by its city (e.g. San Antonio) or its nickname (e.g. [San Antonio] Spurs). When you're using the city, you have to refer to the team as if it were singular (e.g. "San Antonio has a good coach...") When you're using the nickname, you have to refer to it as plural (e.g. "The Spurs are looking good...")

    Your sentence: "San Antonio HAS taken a calculated risk on a proven international talent with a freakish frame, and HAVE..." The problem is in the words I capitalized for clarity's sake. The "have" is referring to "San Antonio" as if it were plural, which it isn't.

    I hope that makes sense, David. If you need further explanation, please do not hesitate to let me know. I would be more than happy to provide you with it.

    Thanks for the diligence.