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  • Glen Danquah posted 1481 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    Hi, I.J. I've only just seen your message on my wall.. You're welcome!

  • Mohamed Ismail posted 1574 days ago

    Mohamed Ismail

    Great times to be an Arsenal supporter, eh? Would love to hear your thoughts on it all.

  • amal govind posted 1579 days ago

    amal govind

    Helloo IJ where are you? please write some articles as soon as possible..missing your thoughts..god bless

  • Parth Doshi posted 1599 days ago

    Parth Doshi

    By the way, I forgot to ask you earlier. Could you do an article on Mesut Ozil and how he symbolises Arsene Wenger's victory? I would love to read your opinions on this topic. :)

  • Parth Doshi posted 1600 days ago

    Parth Doshi

    Hello IJ Please write an article as soon as you can! :)

  • Gunning Lion posted 1603 days ago

    Gunning Lion

    Dude when are you writing about Arsenal again. I am waiting

  • Samuel Mensah posted 1622 days ago

    Samuel Mensah

    You're a good writer. Perhaps long-winded, but good non the less.

    However, when will you admit that your stance as flipped 180 and not so long ago you were berating me and pretending to understand what was going on.

    You stood by Wenger with all your money and stadium statistics, ignoring what was blatantly happening in front of my very eyes in North London whilst you made economical judgements from somewhere in the US - claiming to be a proper fan of Arsenal.

    News flash: Being AKB doesn't make you an Arsenal FC fan. It has proved to be detrimental to the club I have loved for more time than you claim to have.

    You dress it up but I'm not sure you understood the severity of Wenger's actions. You gave him excuse after excuse and finally you begin to see that there simply aren't any excuses at all.

    Wenger is the problem at Arsenal. You need to get off your high horse and admit you were wrong.

  • Allan Jiang posted 1649 days ago

    Allan Jiang

    Two articles in six days? Thanks for spoiling me, I.J.

  • Gustaf Borelius posted 1649 days ago

    Gustaf Borelius

    Your Arsenal articles are unbelievably well written and insightful! more please

  • Rafael Marquez posted 1651 days ago

    Rafael  Marquez

    Brilliant article mate, we've missed your insight in all things Arsenal.
    Keep up the amazing job