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Retired in my 50s after successful careers as an executive with a Fortune 100 company and US Navy officer. Received bachelors and masters (MBA) degrees gratis from USC, and met my wonderful wife there. Blessed with 2 beautiful daughters who married great guys; of course, we have the best grandchildren as a result. Enjoy family, friends, travel, watching sports, and playing basketball and tennis. B/R USC Football Featured Columnist from August 2010 to November 2011 (stopped writing because B/R continued to demand increasing numbers of articles per week, assign sensationalism pieces, not responsive to other concerns and unable to arrange press passes to USC practices or games). Life is good!

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  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 1447 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah


    Influential section - Yusuf Estes with a young Christian

    ((( O mankind! Say No God But Allah, Achieve Eternal Salvation )))

    " Laa ilaaha illallah " ( There is none worthy of worship except Allah )

    ( Introduction to Islam )


  • TOPTROJANFAN posted 1513 days ago


    Thanks for the comment Bill. I've have read many of your posts and understand why you no longer write for B/R. I don't blame you. Right now I'm deployed Al Udeid Qatar and the only access I have to many of the games is due to having a sling box on my Dish Network at home in South Carolina (where I'm stationed). I DVR the games and then walk to the gym to use the wifi to watch the games on my Ipad when I get off shift. The highlight of many of my days is getting on B/R or and reading about the Trojans. Take it easy brother and as always, FIGHT ON!

  • Fight On posted 1630 days ago

    Fight On

    You are missed. Lisa is killing us. Fight on Bill!

  • dress shopgo posted 1680 days ago

    dress shopgo

    Great Article .keep doing Bill. Cheap, Fashion Casual Dresses, Evening& Prom Dresses, Party Dresses, Plus Size Dresses, Winter Dresses.

  • Amy Lamare posted 1966 days ago

    Amy Lamare

    Appreciate the Fan not Bill! Fight On!

  • Phil Watson posted 1981 days ago

    Phil Watson

    Appreciate the kudos, Bill. Thanks much.

  • Michael Tierney posted 2016 days ago

    Michael Tierney

    Thanks again Bill - on more kudos

  • Michael Tierney posted 2018 days ago

    Michael Tierney

    Thanks for the notice on my article bill.

    It means a lot coming from one of the best.

  • Steven Slivka posted 2022 days ago

    Steven Slivka

    Thank you for the read and the comment Bill. I appreciate it.

  • NFL Draft 365 posted 2114 days ago

    NFL Draft 365

    Hey Bill, thanks a lot for checking out and praising the Arian Foster video. He's quite the insightful person. Agree or disagree, Foster definitely knows how to construct a convincing argument.