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Hey there! I'm Ariana, Connecticut-native, hockey enthusiast and journalism major studying at Quinnipiac University. Let's go Bobcats!

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  • Long gone posted 1627 days ago

    Long gone


  • Troy Yang posted 1954 days ago

    Troy Yang

    i couldnt help but notice that you left Bobby Ryan out of your top 22...

  • Shawn Hutcheon posted 2478 days ago

    Shawn Hutcheon

    Hi Ariana...Thank you for reading and liking my article...Shawn Hutcheon

  • Erik Paul posted 2492 days ago

    Erik Paul

    Since you're always the pro-Bruins comments on my articles I thought you would like this one:

  • Spencer Tucksen posted 2517 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    You're a junior in High School? I thought you were like 20 something. lol

  • steeler nation posted 2517 days ago

    steeler nation


  • Alison Myers posted 2528 days ago

    Alison  Myers

    Sorry it took me awhile to respond. I went to the Bruins section of the site and noticed your article is there. It is right below the front page story.

  • Hugo Castro posted 2530 days ago

    Hugo Castro

    Hello, somebody wrote this comment on the Arianny Celeste article:"Named 'Ring Girl of the Year'? You mean there are other ring girls?...
    But there's a Bleacher Report writer who can give Arianny a run for her money, and their first names sound almost the same. = P"

    I searched the names & profiles of all you writers and I think you're the one he had in mind, and he's damn right!

  • Victor Hernandez posted 2567 days ago

    Victor Hernandez

    i kinda agreed with most of your obnoxious fighter picks but i disagree with nick diaz.. he's just an emotional fighter who sees mma competition as it is, a fight rather than a sport... if he was such a "explicit" i doubt the stockton clique would be as tight as they are

  • ramon medina posted 2615 days ago

    ramon  medina

    damn condit shut the crowd in englan love to se it fight a top 5 fighter in welter