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  • Mr Avon posted 1483 days ago

    Mr Avon


  • Tracy Aldrich posted 1491 days ago

    Tracy Aldrich

    Congratulations on your loss to Duke and officially without any valid excuses sucking as usual. Da U!!!

  • BUCKEYE PRIDE posted 1498 days ago


    IT'S ALL ABOUT THE []_[]!

  • Ricky posted 1502 days ago


    UM will meet FSU again in the ACC championship, that's the great part.

  • Randy Moss posted 1504 days ago

    Randy Moss

    You funny brah.

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1504 days ago


    41 to 14

    Here is another classless fan like yourself of the canes. Perhaps you guys know each other. I went to the game it was great. Have you been to a canes vs NOLES game?


  • dora dong posted 1505 days ago

    dora dong

    Actually I‘m planning to visit some American universities like Ivy League schools which provide the highest quality of education. You know. there is a huge difference between the Chinese education and American education and our education modal has lots of disadvantages. I really want experience it.
    The NYC is exactly where I wanna be.one of the world's most biggest cities. and the The space city Houston. I want to go there to watch Rockets game. I'm a great fan of Rockets.

  • Seahawks Fan posted 1505 days ago

    Seahawks Fan

    I don't know whats going on.

  • Nathan Pierce posted 1505 days ago

    Nathan Pierce


  • Twenty-One Straight posted 1505 days ago

    Twenty-One Straight

    Good game, you guys did way better than I thought.