Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown


I caught football fever after my father took me to see the US play the Swiss during the '94 World Cup in nearby Michigan. My favorite player will always be Brian McBride. Not many people I know could ever speak a bad word about him, and I imagine he would have little bad to say about anyone else. A true gentleman and professional if there ever was one.

I support Fulham FC of the EPL and my local club, the Columbus Crew of the MLS.

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  • Matt Barger posted 3114 days ago

    Matt Barger

    Because this is a MLS soccer article I figured:

    a) you'd like it, and

    b) it desperately needs shameless promotion

    Support your local MLS team this Saturday and let me know what you think:

  • Matt Barger posted 3116 days ago

    Matt Barger

    Brandon -

    A different take on Onyewu's "celebrated" move to AC Milan. If you could give it a read and leave your thoughts, I'd definitely appreciate it.

    And what do you think about the possible Dempsey/Mike Bradley move to Everton? Though it's only Soccer by Ives who has that report right now...

  • Lars Hanson posted 3121 days ago

    Lars Hanson David Beckham to the Seattle Sounders FC, Check it out

  • Matt Barger posted 3122 days ago

    Matt Barger

    Yeah. America is too big for derbies, unfortunately. With the USL sides getting promotion to the MLS, I think the next step in American soccer though is integrating USL's promortion-relegation system with MLS.

    Also, Part 3 is up. I would definitely appreciate it if you gave part 3 (the official GC prediction) a read and left your thoughts:

    First attempt at a slide show.

  • Matt Barger posted 3123 days ago

    Matt Barger

    Thanks for the fan add, Brian. I'm glad you like my stuff.

    It's a shame you support the Crew though. :-p. SOUNDERS TIL I DIE!

  • Martin Slimcere posted 3123 days ago

    Martin Slimcere

    Thanks for the comment Brandon, I've posted a reply by the way

  • Steven Ho posted 3358 days ago

    Steven Ho

    Hi Brandon. Do you think this could be one of the best matches this season?

  • Stephen Catanese posted 3430 days ago

    Stephen Catanese

    yeah, i've been a member of fulhamusa for a while... i post on the boards occasionally as 'bewareofthesteve'

  • A Dimond posted 3437 days ago

    A Dimond

    No worries Brandon - you can edit your own articles as much as you like! I look forward to seeing more Fulham articles from you, it would certainly be a great addition to the community!


  • Dakota Rubin posted 3444 days ago

    Dakota Rubin

    Hey man, thanks for the add.

    So according to your Bio, the Chicago Fire (due to B McBrides presence) will soon be one of your supported clubs, no?