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  • Tim Mosher posted 2684 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    Josh, .........The Pablo article definitely touched off my Sabean nerve . Your piece is about the right now , and your take on the visible lack of results, and current demise of Pablo's weight mgt or lack there of are just the surface. Spot on , but simply does not address the underlying story , which by the way has no bearing on Giant loss of productivity from Sandoval. He is only occasionally contributing in this 2010 pennant drive and it is marginal. We do not disagree. I simply have no way to let Sabean incompetence go unchecked. If there is a way to screw the pooch he will find it , and currently Sandoval is the poster boy for my contention.Not going to be a difference maker this season. Not his fault. With a lot of luck , a little maturity , and we may see a rebound next year.Cannot undo what has already been done. Just a damn shame.