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Robert Nelson


Former pro guitarist, bass angler, amateur economist, YANKEE FAN.

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  • Bleacher Report posted 3066 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Hey Bob,
    Appreciate if you could check this out and comment thanks.

  • Patrick Read posted 3240 days ago

    Patrick Read

    dont read that latest one about Joba - it'll only piss you off. Its the case fro him to remain a starter.

    But dude, look at the unhappy sox fans at the bottom. I say tear their hearts out and sign manny ... Rob, we could watch him do the Super Manny Pose in Fenway.... he hates BOS. He's from NY (well - moved here from the DRat 14) - come on, what do you say? We need a bat to replace abreu anyhow. What if he cuts his hair? And becomes who he was for Cleveland - not the self proclaimed "idiots" of 94...

    Dude - did you see Giambi? 4.5 mill for one yr? He would be on my bench for 5 mill - 2 yrs. ;o)


  • Patrick Read posted 3244 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Robert - you took the words right out of my mouth. Yes on Bonds to DH! I wrote the article before the news broke that Bonds still wanted to play. Lofton used to be a Yank... Griffey is a FA too. I think I'd rather have Dunn over those 2 though, 40 HR per yr. sounds good.

    Dude - MLB launched a free MLB channel last night...the first game? Larsens Perfect World Series Game...starring the Mick! It was on last night...of course we didnt start broadcasting until today, just after the re-air - I'm pissed! But at least the Sox will be on tonight without problems.

    Scott Proctor may be signing with the Marlins. Hmmmm.

    I like Joba starting - hey, no one agrees on everything, right? Either way, as long as he is a Yankee ;^)

    News is that Bernie pulled his quad and might miss the WBC - we'll see. Girardi did say "we'd be seeing a lot of Bernie next year' was right after last years final game in the stadium


  • Patrick Read posted 3247 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Here we go ...

    Time to kick it off Robert - as you can see its a hornets nest. ;^)

    How was X-Mas?

  • Patrick Read posted 3279 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Happy T-Day Robert!

    I wouldnt think that Andy would sign in LA - not enough dough. But we have a shot at Doc Halladay - TOR could keep him, but they have to rebuild and losing AJ isnt the way to the WSC for TOR - think last mid season rumors. TOR should rebuild now, get what they can, save money and plan for the future. They have to beat us, BOS and TB now.

    Mooooose - say it aint so. Hopefully Hal pulls out the wallet.

    Joba - they said he's starting in the rotation this time from day 1. We signed Marte (3 yrs + option), have Veras, Ramirez & Mo so the pen is fine. Maybe Farns or Hughes will go to the pen to beef up the middle - who knows, but I doubt its Joba. He was unstoppable as a starter - they have to limit him or go with 6 and skip him every thirs stat or so. THere are some other kids that did alright for the middle relief positions too. Aceves was one.
    Hows this - CC, Doc, Pett, Joba, Peavy and Moyer? Or Sheets and Pedro. We lose Wang for Doc, Hughes and Cabrera for Peavy, sign Moyer (sheets or pedro) and Pett (lefty) - sign Manny and re-sign Giambi. Trade Cano for Brian Roberts.

    Order - Damon(LF), Jeter, Giambi (DH), Manny (RF), A-Rod, Roberts (switch), Nady(swich CF), Posada (switch), Swisher (1b)
    i crunched the numbers - its a push on budget, so it works :o)

    Its about writing time my brother

  • Patrick Read posted 3289 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Hey Mr Nelson -

    Are you ready? its about time for the off season follies - lets do some shopping!

    I think I'll knock one out tonight or tomorrow. I would have loved to have seen a trade offer for Halladay before signing Burnett - Once Burnett is signed there is no way NY will get Halladay in a future trade deal...I've been emailing NY to make a trade offer first b/c as bad as TOR was last yr, they'll be worse this yr without AJ - so they need to start rebuilding - theyre not going to let Halladay hit FA and get nothing, so they will trade him; so its only a matter of time - I say the time is now.


    I like CC, Wang (if not dealt for Doc), Joba, AJ (if not DOC) and Moose. Next yr if Doc is still available we can deal, but if we already have AJ there isnt a chance in hell that we get Doc...they have a fan base to make happy too...on the other hand beckett is available next yr and so are some others too.

    Time to roll

  • Patrick Read posted 3360 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Those are all heavy hitting names - A-Rod, Strawberry and Sheffield are also from Tampa. Its Yankee Town USA...though, some team called the Rays are trying to steal it away. I know, how messed up is that?

  • Patrick Read posted 3363 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Boston has to start losing for the Yanks to even have a shot - I want a nap - I guess I'll sick to beer though - great for fishing! Send some bass or trout this way, my brother! ...have a great time, man...I havent fished in 5 yrs....I gotta get back to it, baseball is wearing me out :)

    fishing requires patience, something that is not offered us in baseball - especially in September.

  • Emily Diekelmann posted 3363 days ago

    Emily Diekelmann

    Hey no problem. I would be frustrated too if my team spent a gazillion dollars on players that aren't playing up to their potential so feel free to let it out whenever you want and I'll make sure to edit it. ;)

  • Patrick Read posted 3367 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Now this, my friend, is as funny as it gets! I especially like the line about the tulips...its almost as if baseball itself is just a mean spirited sport - its all about losers and winners - what is that non-sense anyhow? Why cant they all just play a game and then shake on it....or hug! LMAO
    -Robert Nelson writes of the new G Force in Yankee Universe -
    "You could trade Carl Pavano for cheerleaders and have your way with the tradition Hank and Brian have grown us. Lou Holtz could be manager. He's as big a red neck as the two of you. He'd fit in well. A-Rod strikes out four times in a game, Lou would bench his ass for a month.
    In closing, you and Nelson are miserable people. You hate losing. That's not what baseball is about. It's about the smell of spring, the growing of flowers, the safety of leaving runners on base, no one getting hurt, plus peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with milk after games for all. Shame on you two miserable people. Someday maybe Manny Ramirez will be a Yankee and bring you peace."

    :o) HAHA
    great stuff indeed