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In 1994, upon graduating with a journalism degree from Michigan State University - and acutely aware that the chance of being drafted by an NHL club was in the rearview mirror – my sight was set on getting a job in a profession I revere. I haven’t looked back.

That said, I’m a longtime passionate journalist who has covered sports at two mid-level newspapers before joining The Detroit News in 1996. It was here I ostensibly cut my teeth. While at The News, I lived out a dream of covering the Detroit Red Wings for three-and-a-half years. This was prior to moving onto Sports Illustrated, where I was assigned to the NHL, MLB and motorsports areas. Covering the Stanley Cup Finals, MLB Playoffs and World Series have been highlights.

The U.S. Golf Association came calling (or I called them?) and golf soon dominated. I covered the game from the amateur and professional levels, including majors, Presidents Cups and a Ryder Cup. To this day, seeing Phil Mickelson bawl his eyes out on his wife’s shoulder in the scoring area after blowing the 2006 U.S. Open stands out as an intense, humanizing moment.

I have crafted stories on such people as Wayne Gretzky to Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods to A-Rod to Justin Timberlake (you read that right) to President George H.W. Bush and many, many teams. It has been an absolute privilege and joy. In addition, I've written for The New York Times, Associate Press and a slew of other publications.

In terms of fantasies, I still believe I can score once in an NHL game and gain at least 4 yards on one NFL carry (as long as I get to pick my offensive line) – both obviously not at the same time.

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