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  • Jihoon Nam posted 1130 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Idk, there was this dude who made parody accounts of yours and just started trolling lol

  • Rincewind Rjinswand posted 1141 days ago

    Rincewind Rjinswand

    Lol, what the hell? Please stop, haha. Although I guess it is a bit of a badge of honor that whoever hacked your account thought I was significant enough to be worth trolling... But yeah, hope you can get this sorted out soon, man.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1142 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    lmao that hacker

  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 1142 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    LOL I see you come in contact with that moron aswell.

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 1143 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Welcome to the internet, where people think hacking an account and posting a butload of spam accomplishes something.

  • Charles Oligarch posted 1146 days ago

    Charles Oligarch

    hey no class arsenal fans, + anyone else who isnt chelsea. i've got a new profile and just letting everyone know where i be at. chelsea for life, mourinho is a god, and he is so handsome (love this guy, mate). anyone seen how ugly arsene wenger is? giroud is fit though, should come to chelsea. not that i judge guys by their looks.

  • Cristiano Messi posted 1252 days ago

    Cristiano Messi

    hey I've seen a lot of your are an arrogant little prick and you always insult other pl teams a lot..I personally think Chelsea is a good team with a lot of idiot fans like you which makes them the most hated team...

  • Cristiano Messi posted 1252 days ago

    Cristiano Messi

    hello gave me another reason to hate chelsea

  • teZard B posted 1278 days ago

    teZard B

    Hello mate. I like the way you protect our team here.

  • Julio Higareda posted 1282 days ago

    Julio Higareda

    You persistent little cocky prick...jk congrats on the Fabregas signing!