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  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 1288 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    It was going to be incredible tedious to reply to you in the comment section of that article so I'll do that here. Your only argument for why you believe Januzaj to be overrated and by extension Sterling to be better it simply because Sterling has better stats. While it's an understandable position in my opinion it's rather simple minded as it ignores a lot of variables.
    Firstly what you have to take into consideration that this is Januzaj's first season in professional football compared to Sterling's third, thus the difference in productivity can be explained. Also the hype surrounding Januzaj was mainly to do with the uncanny alignment of his stats with Ronaldo, look them up yourself they're incredibly similar.
    Secondly what you have to take into consideration is that Januzaj best and favourable position is at CAM, this is where he played throughout he youth and where SAF intended him to settle. With Rooney, Mata and Kagawa there he wasn't going get a chance to play there. Thus he was placed on the wing and still put in great performances with each match.
    Also stats don't tell the whole story. Sterling was playing in a better team which played a more attacking and passing style of football, with Moyes' tactic of just crossing it in Sterling was bound to get more Goals and assists ergo that proves nothing.
    Lastly while it’s undeniable that Sterling had the better season I do believe that Januzaj is the superior player. Especially technically, from first touch to passing to vision Januzaj exceeds Sterling.

  • Ricky Granados posted 1301 days ago

    Ricky Granados

    Congrats on winning the F.A Cup!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Oliver posted 1302 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    My exams finish on the 3rd of June but then I got a week break and then I have a month of starting A2 before I break up so actually finish in july. Is that the same for you?

  • Charles Oliver posted 1303 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    nice, yeah I've done 7 exams and now have 3 left

  • Charles Oliver posted 1308 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    Doing AS right now and currently going through exams then starting A2 after that :)