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  • JD Foster posted 1321 days ago

    JD Foster

    I'm still so happy/pumped/excited about us reaching Lisbon! 12 years people lol, now just 90 minutes away from lifting that damn cup :D

    .....However the only downside after the game was my mind kept going to the fact that our commander in the middle Xabi Alonso will miss the final : ( due to that stupid yellow, it was soft but he can only have himself to blame really. He didn't even need to make that slide tackle but still chose to commit late.

    So, Illara? Isco? or Casemiro? I'm guessing logically it will be the man who is considered to be his replacement and Carlo will go with Illara. I'd love to see Isco as well given a shot but a midfield 3 of Isco - Modric - Di Maria might be a little to soft and offensive minded. Then there is the young diamond in the rough that is Casemiro (who I feel is so underrated) and deserves a chance. However a Champions League final might be a bit too big for him in Carlo's mind at this point, it's true that the young Brazilian lacks experience but the confidence and ability and he is a proper D-mid/B2B.

    So to be honest I'm not sure who will be our midfield 3, saying now we are facing Atleti, I expect us to line up in the 4-3-3 again. I think we can all agree the BBC/BRB will lead the front line, Iker in net, our back line will be a discussion for another day but who starts in midfield in Lisbon Madridista?

    P.S.- Again, at this point I suspect who will/should start but I'm not sure lol...

  • JD Foster posted 1357 days ago

    JD Foster

    Is just me or are you guys still a little sour from that loss...? I don't want to harp on the ref but I think most would agree Undiano didn't have a good night on Sunday in terms of decisions. Now Madrid can't only blame him though, the fact of the matter is we gave Barca way too much space in between the lines, our normally solid back line was not compact/balanced enough and we missed a few chances that should've been buried in that 1st half.

    Now I'm not blaming any players because to be honest, maybe just me alone, but I was pretty satisfied with all of our players effort and game on Sunday. Maybe Ronaldo, Alonso and Carva could've performed a bit better but it happens, no biggie.

    Cutting to the chase, the reason why I feel slightly still sour is because we were matching if not outplaying Barca until we were down a man and in no way do I feel we deserved to lose that match on Sunday. We at least deserved a draw IMO, that red card changed everything and once i saw him pull for his back pocket I knew it was going to be a massive uphill battle not only to score another but keep Barca from scoring as well down a man. When playing a man down against a possession team like Barcelona who are one of the top sides in the world with arguably the best player in the world in are pretty much screwed with one less player.

    Oh well, I guess all we can do now is hope the team bounce back from this and just look forward with hope, forget the whole ref fiasco and keep it in the past. The bottom line is we did not lose any title on Sunday night, let's build on the positives, learn from the negatives and forget the "what-ifs". Any thoughts?

    By the way, heads up my fellow Madridista :D, I know a loss to our rival sucks no matter what but we still tied for top of the table and we can still exact revenge on that "other" team in the Copa Final. Ignore all haters (though at times I do agree the the urge to expose the absolute idiotic nonsense can be too much to bare : )