Chris Scarberry

Chris Scarberry


Tired of the mediocre sports analysts that bombard our eyes and ears with "Mickey Mouse" topics. Time for the grit and grime; pure unadulterated guerilla sports prose.

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  • Josh Matt posted 1892 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Tim Mosher posted 2324 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    Chris....Do you rember asking me some time ago about what I thought of the Giant pr BS ? Well I think Sabean has lost his mind with the baby Giraffe . There does seem to be no limit to that man's cheesy blood thirst for Giant fan dollars. Quite despicable really . Leaves one to wonder if the sinking productivity by his target of the moment is anything more than a coincedence.

  • Tim Mosher posted 2473 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    Chris.........Good to hear from you. I don't quite have the technology down for the writing of editorials, or analysis. It is definitely a short term goal of mine. At the moment my computer is freezing on me periodically so , first things first. My manifesto approach to the aforementioned " Botchyball " will be on temporary hold. Thanks for keeping in touch, and I do expect to post something on the absurdity of keeping Belt up with the big club at this time.......As for the merchandising gimmicks , the almighty $ will continue to drive that monster as long as the fan base will buy into it. .....What all Giant fans , old or new , need to remember is that ownership is still on the hook for hefty fare on their playing venue. This would be the exact reason that their offense still has no clean up hitter. As all Giant fans hope that the Giants are at least able to break the month of April at .500 , The other hope should also be that the Giant FO will redirect their focus on the task at hand , of reaching the post season rather than their special event promotions and merchandising. The offense is apparently only slightly improved over the W S Championship team, and this will again put an inordinate strain on their incredible pitching staff....... Bochy has already begun his sleep walk through the regular 162 , and therefore the enormous challenge before Giant Gm , Sabean is to somehow think outside of the box, and conjure up a clean up hitter at the trade deadline. Other than that , isn't it fabulous being a Giant fan at the moment ? Lots of games left in a not through the first month of the W S defending 2010 champs.