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  • Jane Nowlin posted 1386 days ago

    Jane  Nowlin

    Thanks for becoming a fan. I always try to state my thoughts as if they are what they are…opinions. I try hard to remain civil. and I make no apology for being a female who loves the Cowboys and who has ideas contrary to most fans and most media …I believe Jerry is a very capable GM. I believe the Cowboys would' have won championships the last two years had they not sustained an incredible number of injuries. I think the coaches did a wonderful job keeping players playing hard. can you imagine how hard it must have been to prepare 19 different guys to play in the defensive line. can you imagine how hard it was for them not to make excuses for the loss of the starting middle linebacker and r backer and the starting CB's for several games each. For having to try to play in the NFL with only about half to the players you had penciled in as starters when you left camp? But anyway thanks again for becoming a fan