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  • Jacob Waring posted 2085 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    Here's is my CvC article:

    WWE: Giant Gonzales Could Have Been World Champion

  • Jacob Waring posted 2089 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    Creature vs Creature 2.0: 3rd Round for Division Championships

  • Jacob Waring posted 2091 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    CvC 2.0 voting:

  • Jacob Waring posted 2094 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    WWE/WCW: Top 5 Worst Moments of Title Prestige Destruction

  • Jacob Waring posted 2095 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    Please give it a read, thanks!

    Puroresu: Why I Believe It's the Best Pro-Wrestling Style Internationally

  • Ryan Frye posted 2098 days ago

    Ryan Frye


    If you've missed it, the voting for CVC 2.0 is up. I'd appreciate a vote, only if you believe I was better.


  • Jacob Waring posted 2098 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    WWE: The Ultimate Warroir and Others Ruined Many Fans Childhood Memories

  • Jacob Waring posted 2108 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    WWE's CM Punk: Is His Departure Positive for the WWE?

  • Jacob Waring posted 2123 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    WWE/TNA News: Sean Waltman Blogs on His Sexual Abuse

  • Jacob Waring posted 2132 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    Here's is my Creature vs. Creature of which Former WWE Superstar Deserves a 2nd Chance. My CvC is focused on former WWE Superstar Luke Gallows!