Shane Powell

Shane Powell


Born in Anniston, Alabama where I attended The Donoho School. (Yes, just like The Ohio State University -- which I cannot stand by the way) Attended Birmingham-Southern College for three years from 1993-1996, took a little time off, and then transferred to Jacksonville State University where I obtained a degree in Geographic Information Systems or GIS. Worked for many large companies and government agencies, doing mostly contract work. Currently I do eBay sales. I love it because it allows me the free time to post on sites like Bleacher Report. Been involved with Christian based organizations for the past few years trying to give back what was so freely given to me.

I love anything Alabama. The Crimson Tide are an addiction, but a good one. I was so happy to see the National Title return this past year. Big fan of the Braves and the 49ers.

Enjoy Americana (better known as Rockabilly or Alt-Country) music, the outdoors, and my dogs................

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  • John anonymous posted 1747 days ago

    John anonymous

    Oops, you left out a few details on the resume. You forgot to mention you were also fired from a large organization for failing to show up to work and ended up in a hospital with mental problems. You do ebay sales because you aren't responsible enough to hold down a real job. As far as being involved with Christian organzations, do these organizations know that you frequent bars often, openly drink in excess, and use alcohol to manipulate females for your own sexual purposes while simultaneously stabbing your best friend in the back? Christian organizations do not usually employ these kind of people. Guess they do not know you very well.