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Let's clear one thing up: I'm not an aspiring sportswriter. However, I am a sports fan, junior, and athlete from Sterling Heights, Michigan.

I joined B/R because I'm interested in debating sports with rational and qualified people while learning more in the process. Admittedly, I also joined to improve my writing and maintain my debate grade. But that's not important.

All my articles (in progress) and anything I post is for the sake of debate. Please ignore my lack of professionalism.

I'm going to MIT or Stanford. I hope.

And that's pretty much it.

You can check out my twitter : http://twitter.com/automatronicks

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  • Bhemis Parks posted 2601 days ago

    Bhemis  Parks


  • Homer Simpson posted 2667 days ago

    Homer Simpson

    Just thought you might like to read this article on American's & soccer:


    You can find a link to the second part on my profile page.


  • Wud Monster posted 2680 days ago

    Wud  Monster

    You're still a tool!

  • Bhemis Parks posted 2695 days ago

    Bhemis  Parks

    Checkout this article


  • James Williamson posted 2713 days ago

    James Williamson


    This is more than basketball, this is about sports in general. I politely ask for your attention here for a few minutes.