I've been a rabid Michigan Wolverines fan for as long as I can remember. Since the Lions are a pathetic excuse for a franchise, I started liking the Buccaneers when Tony Dungy coached for them and I have a great amount of respect for the Dallas Cowboys who are competitive almost every year they've been in the league. GO BLUE!

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  • 10 Year War posted 1257 days ago

    10 Year War

    RJ, I tried to give you my reasons for an 11 win season in that article where you responded to my comment but, unfortunately these comment sections make comments disappear sometimes. I recently gave these reasons on a another article so I'm going to copy and past it here. BTW, thank you for the compliment regarding my comments. I enjoy yours as well.

    Well, Hoke has had 3 years with UM. 1st year was pretty good but it was a failure according to Hoke's own standards by not winning a championship. The seniors of that class (Carr recruits) graduated and they were left with RR guys. If you look back at recruiting you'll notice that RR landed some descent talent, definitely not great talent but, you will also notice that a lot of his recruits never stuck with it. They either transferred, got in trouble, or failed academically. (disappear from the roster) Cupboards were almost bare. Hoke took one of the worst defenses in that nation and made it respectable again, almost instantly. 2012 & 2013 recruiting classes were the great. Majority of 2012 were redshirted (smart move) and if you look at the roster last year you can check my math, but I double checked and it's correct... 42% of the active roster were either true freshmen or RS freshmen, 42%. 66% were underclassmen (fresh & soph) They were pretty darn young. Now consider Borges using too many schemes with young players. It's also been said in other articles that Borges had the team in film study for a large amount of time instead of on the field and he ran a slow paced practice. So younger players learning too many schemes without enough on field reps. Last year starts to make sense a little more. RR poor recruiting + Hoke great recruiting = talent that is young. Young talent + Borges = Not good. With that talent being smarter, faster, stronger and with Nuss simplifying the offense, higher temp practice, more on field reps, and actually being hands on with player development... I am confident with 11-1 regular season.

  • Jay Eckerberry posted 2147 days ago

    Jay Eckerberry

    Well reasoned and well written, it certainly deserved props.

  • Kevin Lindsey posted 2729 days ago

    Kevin  Lindsey

    Thanks for the like on the Big Ten article.