Scott Link

Scott Link


I've started writing for, a new and great news source for up to the second coverage and analysis. Check out the website and give me some feedback!


Hey how's it going? I'm Scott and I love sports, most of all basketball, NBA Basketball. I love talking about it, giving analysis for it, breathing it, thinking about it. I'm always on top of everything, I've kept track of what goes on back from when the NBA first began till this very second in time.
I'm a huge Dallas Mavericks fan and I enjoy any type of exciting player to watch. Although I may have some favorite teams and players I'm always looking to write about the truth, not what I want or hope, never putting my teams or players in the picture if it's not realistic.

I love to write as you may see, I could go on for days; so please read my articles and give me some feedback, I'd respond most likely. I try to keep my articles as polished and informational as possible.

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  • Matt Ravida posted 2706 days ago

    Matt Ravida

    Hope you like it buddy! Working on another article to come out later today!