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  • Andrew 'Martie' Carlson posted 2653 days ago

    Andrew 'Martie' Carlson

    You are AWESOME.. Great work editor...

  • Ashley McCubbin posted 2656 days ago

    Ashley McCubbin

    Thanks for the edits on my J.R. Fitzpatrick article.

  • Hank Epton posted 2657 days ago

    Hank Epton

    thanks for the help... I think sometimes when I dump the article over from MS word it changes the formatting.. and that ordinal number thing is always one of my weak spots. I appreciate the help.

  • Joseph Werner posted 2658 days ago

    Joseph Werner

    Thanks for the feedback. Also, thanks for re-adding the deleted portion of my article. Much appreciated.

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2660 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Heya Bryce! Thanks a ton for the edits and the good word, much appreciated!!!

  • Sayre Bedinger posted 2667 days ago

    Sayre Bedinger


    Your edit says, "changed Broncos to Bulls." I guess that means I write a little much about the Broncos. Thanks for the catch!

  • JA Allen posted 2668 days ago

    JA Allen

    Two paragraphs with microscopic text have emerged in my article...again. Why these formatting issues! Thanks for the edit nonetheless!

  • Ron Furlong posted 2668 days ago

    Ron  Furlong

    Thank you

  • Ron Furlong posted 2668 days ago

    Ron  Furlong

    Thank you

  • Shane Kirkpatrick posted 2669 days ago

    Shane Kirkpatrick

    Thanks Bryce,. its guys like you that make me look good.