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Became an avid follower of the Gunners since 19th of November 2005 when they played against Wigan. For some reason I was going to tuck into bed around midnight when my pal bugged me about watching a football game on tv and twas I fell in love with the game and Arsenal. To be honest, being a gal does make things a bitty hard as guys alway whine about how girls just watch it because the players are hot. Dont get me wrong, some of them are smexy but it definitely goes deeper than that. Raised eyebrows, and disdained looks doesn't intimidate me and I take it as a challenge because I love what I love - a beautiful game of football played by a club of great fans and talented players.

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason so I try to make the most out of it no matter what but do remember this, there's always two sides to every story, before you judge, I would appreciate if you would confront me with questions rather than making rash assumptions behind my back.

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  • Nicholas Garthoff posted 2290 days ago

    Nicholas Garthoff

    Woa, I completely forgot I had this account...

  • Serena posted 2290 days ago


    not even sure why I still come back here =/

  • Serena posted 2564 days ago


    Arshavin must wake up soon or loses his starting spot

  • Serena posted 2582 days ago



  • Robin S posted 2595 days ago

    Robin S

    we lost again because of your stubbornness... ;)

  • Robin S posted 2596 days ago

    Robin S

    wer did that special iamge go? ;) stolen by envious onlookers? :P

  • Robin S posted 2611 days ago

    Robin S

    Don't know why you dislike wigan... It's absurd..

  • Serena posted 2651 days ago


    Manu vs Everton Commentator: 3-1 "And surely manchester united are going to take all three points away from the mersey's side"...and at 3-2 "too little too late"....JUST before 3-3.."and surely it's not going to be happen again here" LOL EPIC

  • Jam posted 2651 days ago



  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 2674 days ago


    Hi Serena, have a look at this;