Ralph Flores

Ralph Flores


I live by the creed that "Life is too short-stay awake and where ever you are be there." MMA has has overriden my past passion for Boxing. In the past, you would see legitimate contenion rankings earning title shots but now it's all about who creates the biggest draw and "forget about the rankings." That's sad but who said, anyway, that life is fair? I look forward to constant improvement in life to what matters the most to me and I embrace enlightenment an wisdom. My purpose-driven life is focused on taking care of my family, letting God be my co-pilot and being outstanding where ever I show up to contribute.

I love playing and listening to Music and I play Drums, Latin & Pop Percussion, Ukulele and Mandolin; I enjoy performing and entertaining people to help them feel happy & joyful. I adopt the belief that "Mean people suck" and I want my kid's to achieve their greatest dreams and aspirations in life with no regrets. When the end of my life comes I want to feel the same and know that I left the world a better place with my contributions and actions.

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