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My Name is Isaac and I am a pure rookie writer interested in THE Ohio State Buckeyes, St. Louis Cardinals, Indians, Browns, Cav's. Being a Cleveland fan is like asking your date to prom, getting her flowers, taking her out to dinner, getting to the dance, only to get rejected when you go in for the kiss...Yes thats right. The SHOT, The FUMBLE, The DRIVE, Edgar Renteria's hit up the middle in the 97' Series..I could go on and on and on.....

On another note my home team Red Birds are establishing themselves as one of the premire teams in the NL, Lebron has sniffed the finals, Browns are looking good, Indians we're one win away from the series in 07', and the Buckeyes are always there at the end. Please help me out with any suggestions you may have with my writing and give me feedback as I start to publish more articles in the near future

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  • Kristofer Green posted 3374 days ago

    Kristofer Green

    My take on the Penn State-Ohio State match-up...


  • Ryan J. posted 3447 days ago

    Ryan J.

    Nice analogy there about Cleveland sports. With football season upon us, here's hoping the Brownies can continue on the success from last year and take the next step to the playoffs!