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Matthew Wilder


Hi, i'm Matthew Wilder, a new professional who recently graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Promotional Communication. I am member of the Society of Professional Journalists and strongly believe in the ethical code that all reporters are bound by.

I'm here on Bleacher Report to write about sports because I love to. The exposure to national media is also a big plus. I just want to keep on writing to get better and I accept that I will make errors along the way. And I will learn from them.

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  • Mark Cereceres posted 2136 days ago

    Mark Cereceres

    Your last comment means nothing to me, but if you needed to hear that to keep you all warm & fuzzy inside - then run with it.

    No matter what happens today, Arizona IS holding onto Kolb until Friday at 4pm, giving Manning a deadline....might want to check up on your info first.

  • Mark Cereceres posted 2137 days ago

    Mark Cereceres

    "Arm strength is somewhat mis-leading."

    Two of the greatest minds ever said this about arm strength. One guy changed the game of football and the passing game, and the other revolutionized modern football based on the other guy teaching him.

    Paul Browns & Bill Walsh.

    Being the football enthusiast that you are, I know you are aware that Paul Brown was Bill Walsh's mentor. You also know that Bill Walsh learned the poorly named WCO offense from Paul Brown. I know you also know that Paul Brown, was indeed, the BEST ever at evaluating talent. and constructing winning teams - right? After-all, that is ALL Brown EVER did!

    Here are their own words:

    Arm strength is somewhat misleading. Some players can throw 80 yards, but they aren't good passers. Good passing has to do with accuracy, timing, and throwing a ball with touch so it is catchable. This all involves understanding a system, the receivers in the system, and having great anticipation. It is a plus to be able to throw a ball on a line for 35 yards, but not if it is off target or arrives in such a way that it is difficult to catch.

    Remember, the goal of passing a ball is to make sure it is caught ... by your intended receiver.

    Pretty much sums it all up, right? So read the following:

    Dropped passes....just what constitutes a dropped pass?
    The following from says:
    The NFL standard says drops are "incomplete passes where the receiver SHOULD have caught the pass with ORDINARY effort."

    Basically, we're talking about blatant drops.

    "Only use this if the receiver is 100 percent at fault and no one else can be blamed for the incompletion. Pass interference that wasn't called/passes thrown just outside the receiver's reach, etc., are NOT drops."

    Explain this, and how it relates to McCoy ...and careful with the attitude...know what is in murky waters before you jump in...remember that. I ask questions when I already have answers...I like to "talk"...I ask open ended questions....

    So keep it on the level, keep it sports related...I will too.

  • Chris Roling posted 2138 days ago

    Chris Roling

    Hey Matt thanks for liking my article!