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My name is Zach Lovelady I was born and raised in Hatton Alabama. I am a life long Bama fan but I am also a true college football fan! I have three tv's on every Saturday starting at 11:00AM. And though I a Bama Fan I just love good hard hitting football.

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  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3380 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Hey Zach,

    Thanks for taking the initiative to appreciate my point of view even if you don't agree with it. I sometimes come off as mean/rude but it's really not meant like that at all. I'm just an opinionated girl that doesn't really care what people think. Lol. Keep up the writing.

    Roll Tide,
    Bama Chick

  • James Williamson posted 3380 days ago

    James Williamson

    I know Zach. If I ever do it professionally, I will be like Moose and Troy Aikman, and just keep it inside.

  • James Williamson posted 3380 days ago

    James Williamson

    Comment please.

  • Mosang Miles posted 3383 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    No prob Zach!

  • Nic Gulas posted 3383 days ago

    Nic Gulas


    The articles look great. As far as getting more involved, just continue to do what you do. Maybe think of something that gets people to come to the site to look for from you. For example, Ive been doing my Monday Message Board thing for about 3-4 months now, and there are people who look for it week after week.

    Speaking of it, I always offer people to write on the topic of the board. I was able to do so before school started back, but since my time has dwindled. Just keep up the good work and if you need any suggestions just let me know and Ill start thinking.


  • Mike Dockery posted 3383 days ago

    Mike Dockery

    Zach - When I get a chance I'll have a look at your new article. I'll probably have some time this weekend.

  • Lisa Horne posted 3384 days ago

    Lisa Horne


    Thanks for the kind words and support- it is much appreciated! RTR!


  • Mosang Miles posted 3385 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Sure thing Zach!

  • Mike Dockery posted 3385 days ago

    Mike Dockery

    Zach - Your article is edited. I added some stats and things to fill out a few of the paragraphs, so I added a stringer attribution to the end of the article. (At first I put it at the beginning, but I forgot this would show up in the new "automatic teaser" on the main pages. That should work itself out soon.)

    Great work!

  • Jim Bob Kern posted 3386 days ago

    Jim Bob Kern

    Zach, your most memorible game was my first actual Bama game I attended, Bama /Tenn in 93. After
    8 years of always having to work on Saturdays my schedule finally chaneg and that was my 1st game I finally got to go to. What a game like you describe with The Duece tieing the game to get a tie! That stadium went nuts. I was on the 30. I remember the stuff coming down from the upper deck after he scored!

    Good article and keep up the good work! Roll Tide!