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  • J Miller posted 1835 days ago

    J Miller

    From the looks of things you tend to write a lot of negatively charged articles. Maybe it's time you tried looking at things from another side.

  • Anish Kadakuntla posted 2498 days ago

    Anish Kadakuntla

    Your last article on Eli Manning was not so great so i think you should take a look at the comments

  • Ian Harrison posted 2527 days ago

    Ian Harrison

    I really hope Bleacher Report removes you. All you do write offensive articles about the lower-level teams in order to get rage-comments.

  • Max Well posted 2556 days ago

    Max Well

    Your negative article re. Jake Locker is a joke.
    How many games have you been to in which he has played?
    Every big name opposing coach (Carrol, Miles, Harbaugh, etc.) all say he is the best athlete they have defended.
    Guess how many OL and receivers have been drafted from UW during Locker's tenure? Try ZERO.
    He had the worst coach in the NCAA - Tyrone Willingham. He was the ONLY PAC10 QB without a dedicated QB coach! Willingham the idiot thought HE could coach him.
    I'm not sure what your educational qualifications are to be a writer, but some of the Bleacher Report stuff I read is obviously written by stick-armed wimps who never even played the game.
    Watch Locker go in the 1st round. Then write an article about how wrong you were please. Also mentioned the 51 - yes, 51, 'on the numbers drops' Locker had this year according to ESPN, where Luck had 19.
    That alone takes Locker's completion % into the 60s.
    Please do some decent research next time, and PLEASE upload a less 'look at me' picture for your bio.
    My Lord.