Giovanni Valladares

Giovanni Valladares


I might show Bias at time but I have the arguments to back up my claim. If you call me a hater your no longer worth debating with. I am big NBA fan and my favorite team being Miami. I have been living in Miami my entire life and started watching the heat in the late 90's. The days Alonzo and Tim Hardaway. I have now seenthe growth of Dwyane Wade and I consider him the best player in the world. I can back this up and have yet to find someone to lead me to believe otherwise. You can try though.

I have studied the game and am a HUGE Micheal jordan fan too so naturally I don't exactly "craze" about kobe. I like his game but he has nothing on the greats and is not even close nor will he ever be.

Im considering writing an article in a few months on the several ideas I have. For now I enjoy the writing of everyone.

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  • P Mcpherson posted 2504 days ago

    P Mcpherson

    talk all the queefh you want, but the minn you start it on other peoples profiles for no reason you will be shut down!

  • vador posted 2504 days ago


    Giovanni you STINK! and your pace smells worse!
    take a shower dirt bag.

  • dave bhayve posted 2512 days ago

    dave  bhayve

    Rose posterized both James and Wade at the same time on that fast break lay up. we swept Miami all three games we've played them and have a one game lead in the east over them for second place and own the tie breaker. OUR BENCH SCORED 16 POINTS WHILE YOUR BENCH SCORED ONLY 6 POINTS.Bosh went 9-14 which was much better than 1-18 and yet the Heat still lost to Chicago. you said if only Bosh had scored more in that second meeting things would have been different. well,he scored more this time,lots more...23 points but guess what. SAME RESULTS...BULLS WIN! so all your excuses and strange explanations have all fallen apart. THE BULLS OWN THE HEAT! ...KNOW THAT

  • Josh Benjamin posted 2516 days ago

    Josh Benjamin

    Hi Giovanni- Thanks for your comment! I'm just curious..why do you think Erik Spoelstra should be fired?

  • Karl posted 2524 days ago


    Hey Giovanni, take a break from the arguments and try your hand at my quiz on important dates in recent NBA history. You might find it fun.

  • Justin Key posted 2625 days ago

    Justin Key

    Dude, stop posting stuff if all you are going to say is "ignorant and hater" repeatedly. It's annoying and ridiculous. You have no credibility because you can't spell and your argument for everything is "you're a hater," or to be more precise considering your lack of grammatical tactility, "your a hater."

    You, sir, are a hater.

  • W Chambers posted 2628 days ago

    W Chambers

    Just a follow up:
    I wrote these two articles 4 months ago about the heat.
    People bashed me in the comments, including you. Look at the things I predict, it hasnt been edited or anything.

  • DPR posted 2660 days ago


    Biased, bandwagon Heat fan

  • David Martinez posted 2661 days ago

    David Martinez


  • Benny Vargas posted 2699 days ago

    Benny Vargas

    thx for the like on the Top Ten list