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Howdy! I'm from San Antonio, TX. I graduated with a degree in Spatial Science from Texas A&M University, Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2008. (In case you're wondering, SS is the study of the Earth's surface from space.) My goal is to become a GIS Analyst, and hopefully once the economy improves that will become a reality. In the mean time I'm working as a night auditor at a hotel. Gotta love doing reports!

I love the Aggies and Spurs, and I'm also a passionate soccer fan. I've played soccer since 1st grade, and was named the top goalkeeper in South-Central Texas my Junior year in high school. I watch as many games by the US Men's National Soccer Team (USMNT) as possible. The World Cup is my favorite sporting event of all!

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  • Wylie Coyote posted 2444 days ago

    Wylie Coyote

    fan'd you with my new id..I guess Harry Saquatch was bad..couldnt like or get comments to All because I reported Officer Powell for racist article/ comments..ha, go figure

  • billy hulsey posted 2594 days ago

    billy hulsey

    I have been trying to comment everytime but my comment will not go up. Others may be having the same problem. Make sure you aren't being sabatoged. You are doing better and better but we can't comment, we are being blocked or at least i am. I wonder if lake is behind this.

  • billy hulsey posted 2594 days ago

    billy hulsey


  • Harry Sasquatch posted 2611 days ago

    Harry Sasquatch

    You likely already are aware of it, but on Spurs Courtside sec. on game nights, we have a pretty good spurs chat..,drop in some time

  • Kevin Lindsey posted 2674 days ago

    Kevin  Lindsey

    Thanks for edit on my article. Kevin