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My name's Chris and I'm a writer who muses on the analytical end of sports in his spare time. I have worked for a professional paper and a college newspaper (I was the sports editor my senior year for the latter) and have ran a variety of blogs that usually ended up fading into oblivion (I'm kind of a guy that writes on a whim).

Overall, I'm about the Bay Area, specifically the Giants, Warriors, Niners, and Bears. However, as a grad of Gonzaga, I'm also about the Zags for college basketball, and while I am a Warriors fan, being from Sacramento, I sort of like the Kings (though I won't claim to be a fan of them). I also like the Sharks, but I admit, Hockey is just not a big priority in my life.

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  • keith singer posted 2717 days ago

    keith singer

    Hi Chris, please take a look at the response I placed on your behalf to Steven Resnick. I am not sure why he felt that he needed to correct your grammar, especially when his own grammar usage was poor. I believe we should respond to our passionate feelings about sports and basketball specifically, not grammar. Please don't let Resnick's negativity dissuade you from writing articles or posting comments; I enjoyed reading yours.
    Best regards,
    Keith Singer, Esq.