Seth Miller

Seth Miller


I love sports, espcially baseball. I have played college baseball, coached High School and just love supporting sports. It keeps the kids off the street, gives adults heroes and keeps me busy at work managing my fantasy teams. I also love to read, if you want some good sports books to read (sorry they will all be baseball) here are my favorites.
My Turn at Bat - Ted Williams
Summer of 49 - David Halberstam
Me and My Spitter - Gaylord Perry
Boys of Summer and Head Games - Roger Kahn (really anything of Roger Kahn's that you can get your hands on is an excellent read)
Moneyball - Michael Lewis
Three Nights in August - Buzz Bizzinger
Thanks for reading my posts, I am not gonna lie, I am an economics major and I am not the most prolific writer, but I like to share my stories and thoughts. Thanks again and try not to be too brutal on me for my grammar.

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  • L.J. Burgess posted 3381 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    This was goood;

    Matt - Your athleticism is outstanding, Hope D2 hockey works out well for you. Sounds like you really have accomplished a lot with your athletic career. You must have because your the only person I have ever scene write "I think I am a pretty cool guy" Well sticking up for handicaps is just about the coolest thing I have ever heard of. I think you should listen to your kids of Whidney High cd and calm down from Scott putting you and your athleticism on blast. At least you think your cool. And when your like Han Solo tonight, stroking your own wookie and Scott laying some pipe, you can feel good about yourself for sticking up for the less fortunate.

    As Paris would say "That's hot!"

  • Brett Lissenden posted 3416 days ago

    Brett Lissenden

    keep up the good work man - i loved both of your articles