Neil Melms

Neil Melms


"Change the World"

If I want to be remembered, it would be about making a difference. I've got a lot of people to thank for in my young life and the only way to do that is to help those that are less fortunate. If I can find a way to combine that with my love for sports, then that is where you will probably find me. I just don't think I could live a life knowing I did nothing.

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  • Richard Langford posted 2944 days ago

    Richard Langford

    In case you were wondering what a day in the fabulous life of Tom Cable was like, or are just in need of a good laugh, you may enjoy this:

  • A. Version 2.0 posted 3023 days ago

    A. Version 2.0

    Lets me know if you like it, and feel free to pass it around.


  • Clay Cunningham posted 3025 days ago

    Clay Cunningham

    Top Five Fantasy Rankings per position; Tecmo Super Bowl addition. Enjoy:

  • Anthony Emerson posted 3056 days ago

    Anthony Emerson

    Thanks for the POTD, Neil!

    Anthony Emerson

  • JW Nix posted 3128 days ago

    JW Nix

    check this out

    I think you will like it

  • John Houmes posted 3130 days ago

    John Houmes

    Bleacher Report’s EPL Fantasy season is almost over. Click on & sign in.
    Go to Bleacher Report League Forum for the latest update. Thanks.

  • B.J. Cepeda posted 3277 days ago

    B.J.  Cepeda

    Year in Sports 2008

    Check it out and see if you agree


  • Barney Corkhill posted 3277 days ago

    Barney Corkhill


    What a year of sports 2008 has been! You may be surprised by the amount of history that was made this year! Here are the greatest sporting moments of 2008, including all sports! Your opinions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


  • Jason posted 3339 days ago


    I just wanted to write something quick about the Falcons' bye-week. Take a look if you get the opportunity.


  • Nohome Jerome posted 3348 days ago

    Nohome Jerome

    Hi Neil,

    My latest article is out.

    After the impressive start of Guardiola’s FC Barcelona, I have a question surrounding my mind.

    Is coaching experience overrated in football?

    I’d love your input¡