Mitch Drofstob

Mitch Drofstob


My main team are the EPL's Arsenal. The other team jockeying for a place in my heart are the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves. Despite their recent form, my hope doesn't die.

What is a little different about me? Well, I enjoy playing the Ukulele. I'm into Buddhism - I hope that comes across in my replies.. Considering how interested I am in watching sports, I'm a slightly above average footballer and a way below average (but steadily improving) basketballer.

I enjoy travelling immensely. I've been to Scotland, Wales, France, Holland, Spain, Turkey and Finland in Europe. Outside of Europe I've been to America, India, Japan and Thailand.

I'm optimistic, have strong opinions, and love sports chatter. I will never be downright negative or offensive.

Finally, like a lot of the writers on this website, I would love to be a professional sports writer, but I still have a lot to learn.

April 2011: Woo hoo, I finally have 100k reads! :)

If you like, you can contact me in all the normal ways:

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  • Shehryar Khan posted 2483 days ago

    Shehryar Khan

    Hey Michael, are you doing the Live Blog tonight?

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    Maxx G

    Hi, please have a look on the latest round table I made

    Hope you will enjoy it.



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    Parth Pandya

    Do check this piece by me previewing El Clasico and share your comments.


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  • J D posted 2616 days ago

    J D

    E-mail me at and I'll tell you what the password is

  • J D posted 2617 days ago

    J D

    Hey Michael,

    Were you able to get your password? it's josh from hardcourt mayhem

  • Sudip Bagui posted 2626 days ago

    Sudip Bagui

  • Parth Pandya posted 2636 days ago

    Parth Pandya

    Do check my article on Spurs' memorable win at White Hart Lane