Justin Eisenband

Justin Eisenband


I'm a junior at Georgetown. My favorite teams are the Hoyas, the Marlins, the Heat, Miami Dolphins, and Gator football. I follow pretty much every sport except NASCAR. While I watch some tennis and golf, I prefer MLB, NFL, NBA, and college basketball and football. I hate Kobe Bryant, the Steelers, and Villanova basketball.

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  • Dave Morrison posted 2243 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Sorry dont mean to be rude, its just that bron is a spoiled little brat who thinks he's alot better than he really is.

  • Dave Morrison posted 2244 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Miami vs chicago.
    james or wade at the buzzer, NOT! chicago 87, miami 86!. james will NEVER! be as clutch on a regular basis, NEVER! as KB24.

  • Karl posted 2255 days ago


    Hey Justin, take a break from the arguments and try your hand at my quiz on important dates in recent NBA history. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/617481-do-you-know-what-happened-on-these-dates-that-changed-the-nba. You might find it fun.

  • Dre Davis posted 2350 days ago

    Dre Davis

    Justin Assenband writes:

    "After all, who has the energy on a Tuesday night to yell at the top of their lungs to support the Heat against the Sacramento Kings"

    So i ask you, of all the bad teams, whats your beef (if there is one) with the Kings? They may not be a good basketball club, but at least they play hard and don't want to "chill".

    Ol' MIGHTY HEAT FAN... please answer

  • Christopher Howland posted 2376 days ago

    Christopher Howland

    yo justin. how you doing bud. i see your a b/r intern. i was going to apply for this. could you give me some insight into what its all about, what to look forward to if i do get it and what are my odds of getting the internship? thanks guy i appreciate it.

  • l m posted 2419 days ago

    l m

    by the way get a journalism degree cause you can't write and know nothing about football. stupid kid. ugh

  • l m posted 2419 days ago

    l m

    you are a jerk you know nothing and BB probably dislikes you as welkk stupid kid.