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I was born in Alabama and have lived here most of my life except for a tour of duty in Vietnam and a couple of years in Texas afterward. I follow the SEC (big surprise, huh?), mostly in football and somewhat in basketball. I've never really gotten on the SEC baseball wagon. It's great when they win, but I'll have to read about it.

One of my sons graduated from Auburn, the other has a degree from Alabama. I can honestly say I pull for both teams. When they play each other, I want the team that will benefit (themselves and the SEC) the most to win.

Most of my articles are opinion pieces but I would suggest that you not read too much into them in regards to tying to determine to which team my allegiance might lean. I have been known to write an article or two just to ruffle feathers.

That's just part of the fun -- not to mention it's pretty damn easy to do.....

Roll Tide War Eagle. S-E-C, S-E-C!

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