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Avid F1, occasional football fan and self confessed Kimi Raikkonen fan.

Because I can sympathise with someone who stole an inflatable while drunk.

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  • Muffakham Shaheriyar posted 3049 days ago

    Muffakham Shaheriyar

    here u may try it:

  • Dann Khan posted 3139 days ago

    Dann Khan

    Hey mate.
    Did my first slide show today. It is supposed to be humor. Tell me if you like it

  • Rocky Getters posted 3153 days ago

    Rocky Getters

    Hello Anne, my latest article, "Sports in the year 2032 AD!" ... a must read! I hope you'll find time to read it, thanks! Have a great day. :)

  • Billy Sexton posted 3289 days ago

    Billy Sexton

    Hey Anne, it would be great if you could sign up to BATracer and join The Bleacher Report World Championship. All cars can be competitive and there are only few places remaining so sign up NOW!

    Just a quick reminder of how to join.

    Visit and register with the site. Then, select private game from the drop down "Games" menu and enter the ID 36106 along with the password: "hamilton"

    You can then choose your team, edit your setup, test your car and wait for the Australian Grand Prix to kick off and compete for the Formula One World Championship!

    Don't worry if you haven't played the game before, it's really easy to get used to, and your team mates and fellow drivers will lend a hand if you require it.

    Please sign up.

  • Kara Martin posted 3356 days ago

    Kara Martin

    Hey, LJ sent me your way. Here's a little something for my ladies!

  • Anthony posted 3370 days ago


    Well Anne it appears as though there still is some raw nerves out there? Everything was relatively calm and one article and kablammo! I cannot wait for next weekend;not that it will solve anything but at least it will cause one side to run for cover.

    Great article BTW

  • Long John Silver posted 3370 days ago

    Long John Silver

    for the vodka !

  • Long John Silver posted 3371 days ago

    Long John Silver

    thanks for the pick Anne !

  • Legendary X posted 3377 days ago

    Legendary X

    Ferrari's Suck!