Meandog Ofbonepile

Meandog Ofbonepile


Gator-hating, Vol-detesting, All Barn-Abhoring, Lamecrock-despising, Tech-contempting, lifelong DAWG lover...also former Navy submariner. that's all you gotta know!

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  • Benny Dawkins posted 1554 days ago

    Benny Dawkins

    I am right here puddy dawg! Your team still sucks, it appears ours is worse though, This year!

  • Mista Amazing posted 1732 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Hey, go UGA!!

  • Brian Stewart posted 1945 days ago

    Brian Stewart

    There is good natured, and then there is spiteful. Generally good natured means you add lols, you preface things with smiley faces, etc, etc, etc. I too have quite good times with many UGA fans, my father included, who don't have only negative things to say about the GT program. I don't know many GT fans who go to the UGA fan with the sole purpose of saying spiteful things towards the UGA program, and in general, I have zero problems with UGA fans. But if you intend to be good natured, it is generally a good idea to not come on as a complete tool, sorry. I won't apologize for what I've said, nor did I not mean any of it. If you feel like posting, that is your decision, but I simply request that you keep it courteous on MY articles. No more, no less. Oh, and thank you for your service in our Navy. Few can claim that in our country, and I always appreciate the service of those to our country.

  • Brian Stewart posted 1946 days ago

    Brian Stewart

    You are clearly new here, so I'm giving you a bit of a grace period. But I'm giving you this warning now. I really don't want to have to report you for your behavior on the GT page. If you can't come onto the pages and post something relevant or courteous, I have zero problem with dealing with you through higher channels. Please grow up, and post only if you actually have something you want to contribute to our page. Otherwise, please keep to your own teams page.