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  • Long gone posted 1473 days ago

    Long gone

    When the new article coming out sir?

  • Long gone posted 1479 days ago

    Long gone

    Wait, I can write? How?

  • Long gone posted 1479 days ago

    Long gone

    Hey sir, am I eligible to write here? I am interested for writing with you on the Hawks. I turned down the League News offer to stay here more often.

  • Long gone posted 1498 days ago

    Long gone

    Cool man, I`ll read it. Can you make an article of what remaining FA`s left the Hawks should look at?

  • Long gone posted 1499 days ago

    Long gone

    When`s the next article?

  • Marcos Gonzalez posted 1515 days ago

    Marcos Gonzalez

    Please don't write about the magic. It's embarrassing.

  • Long gone posted 1521 days ago

    Long gone

    I would join, but I`m not that good in writing. Lets see if Paul Millsap will make ATL fans forget Jsoove. Even though Smith is a high flyer, he was probably the reason we couldn`t propel into a Finals contender.

  • Long gone posted 1522 days ago

    Long gone

    Only one Hawks writer?

  • Hayden Deitrick posted 1840 days ago

    Hayden Deitrick

    Congrats on intern of the week!

  • David Kenyon posted 1851 days ago

    David Kenyon

    Hey Michael thanks for the fan-add!