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  • Timothy Saunders posted 2650 days ago

    Timothy Saunders

    Thank you for showing you have no Idea what you're talking about; I was wondering how long it would be before one of you guys decided to pull the "I told you so crap"... Here are the facts, Rodriguez doesn't rely on trickery to win games, his system relies on getting athletes in space. Additionally Michigan out gained Iowa last week, we put up 520 yards on one of the best defenses in the country, we neutralized the best defensive end in the game. Michigan lost because they are a young team and made young team mistakes, turnovers, stupid penalties, etc.

    Is the 3-3-5 garbage? I don't think you can accurately say that, have you seen the depth chart? It's paper thin and the guys we have running the defense are freshmen and sophomores. And they've played pretty well all things considered.