I have found Bleacher Report to be an amazing platform for the serious sports fan. Nowhere else on the net can you sift through storylines on countless sports from every possible angle. The writers here also write with an incredible passion—it’s not your local humdrum sportswriter putting you to sleep.

I love all sports but hockey is the best. If you've ever watched a live NHL game, you will understand only a small part of what I’m talking about. But if you've had the privilege of playing organized hockey as a kid—then you’ve felt that inescapable adrenaline rush that comes from flying from one end of the ice to the other, with an exponentially increasing inertia like momentum, then turning on a dime at impossible angles to take a well aimed slap shot. And yes, it takes lots of skills.

As an NBA Feature writer on B/R, I’ll obviously be concentrating my attention on the NBA but from time to time and just for the fun of it, I will drift off to NFL and NHL sports coverage.

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  • Tom Calarco posted 1924 days ago

    Tom Calarco


    Just landed on your article about verticals of NBA players. Did you find anything on David Thompson? I would not be surprised if he surpassed Michael.


  • Oshomha Obemeata posted 2247 days ago

    Oshomha Obemeata

    Hey what's up,been a while huh? Check this out:

  • Swoosh Nation posted 2424 days ago

    Swoosh Nation


    I have a writing opportunity available for you to become an NBA columnist for my soon to be basketball website. If you would have any interest and would like more details please email me: admin AT swooshnation DOT com .


  • Ethan S posted 2427 days ago

    Ethan S

    Great job on your last two articles getting some more reads! Always fun to read your articles Rich!

  • Ethan S posted 2427 days ago

    Ethan S

    Great job on your last two articles getting some more reads! Always fun to read your articles Rich!

  • Joseph Fafinski posted 2463 days ago

    Joseph Fafinski

    Rich, I finally wrote that article on Bernard King-- check it out!


  • Neil S posted 2473 days ago

    Neil S

    Hi Rich, I have a potential writing opportunity for you related to the New Orleans Hornets. Contact me at neil.soni@groupgain.com. Thanks!

  • Ethan S posted 2484 days ago

    Ethan S

    Dude, hilarious article this morning. If only you had photo shopped the Lakers' heads into a picture of the merry men!

  • Ethan S posted 2490 days ago

    Ethan S

    Just saw your latest article! Rich, it is amazing! Good work!

  • space posted 2512 days ago


    is ted sucking your dick to?